It's time to shift the way we think of customer growth.

Digital and Mobile-First

We came together as a team from different disciplines – tech, marketing, mobile, data analytics – and saw an opportunity to build a mobile-first solution that answers one of the biggest problems brands face today: how to engage with customers on mobile, and stay relevant to the trends with minimal investment.

Web-based SaaS Platform

We’ve since evolved into providing a multi-channel engagement platform using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We realised that brands need solutions that put the customer experience at the center. Our focus is helping you increase your customer’s lifetime value and revenue contribution by giving you the ability track what types of communications and offers are most effective at shifting behaviour.

The Team

Our team combines deep technical expertise with top-class strategic marketing to help us constantly evolve. We’re always surprised when we learn how challenging it is for some of our clients to integrate the two disciplines in order to drive better results for the business. We’ve cracked the code, and this is what allows us to be a leader in the MarTech space.