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Build Targeted Lists
Single Customer View

Single-Customer View

Get an unprecedented view of your customers and how they interact with your brand.

An Overall View

Know their spending habits, loyalty status and points redemption so you have a better understanding on who to target and how.

Fully Customisable

Want to change what you see? No problem. Our Single Customer View is fully customisable, so you always see the data you need.

Export your Data

Export user, device or loyalty data into easy to use .CSV files.


Our user-friendly interface was built with you in mind. Easily navigate through different options to build your best content.

Create an Offer

Create Offers, News and Events

Quickly and easily create custom offers, vouchers, news and events for your customers.

Fully Customisable

Make it your own with our Content Designer - every offer, reward, news or event is fully customisable.

Choose How to Send It

Our platform offers you options to disseminate your content - whether by push note, in-app messaging, SMS or e-mail.

Build Targeted Lists

Targeted List Building

Get the most out of your campaigns with our targeted list-building capability.

Build Multiple Lists

You have full control over the members of your list, and you can build multiple lists for different campaigns.

Fully Customisable

Our targeted list builder allows you to choose exactly who you want to target and when - creating more precise audiences with better campaign results.

Custom Dashboard

Customised Dashboard

Choose exactly what metrics you want to see when you log on to our loyalty platform, and view them at a glance.

Time Saver

Easily monitor your most-used metrics with our customised dashboards. Save yourself the hassle of creating custom reports for each metric with our showcards and widgets.

Fully Customisable

Choose what you want to see, and easily add or remove widgets and scorecards from your dashboard.

Build Your Loyalty Program

Build your Loyalty Program

Create loyalty cards for each tier of your loyalty program, and customise your loyalty rules.

Customised Loyalty Levels

Choose different tiers for your loyalty program and pick your own loyalty rules to support them.

Digital Loyalty Cards

Upload your own digital loyalty card for your customer to have in their mobile phone. 24/7 access keeps your brand top of mind.

Our platform packs a punch.

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